Wishing for a snowy winter!

Winter is the time to get outside in frosty air and enjoy what Mother Nature is doing. Of course, if you are living in the states where floods and ice storms are occurring, I’m sure you aren’t too pleased with all of that.

Here in the Northeast, we’ve had just a small taste of winter. A snowy wonderland that lasted for an all too brief moment in time.

Snow scene outside our front door.
Snow scene outside our front door.

Too bad it lasted only for about 2 days…  But, last year around this time, the cherry trees were in full bloom and although it was pretty, it was unnatural. For many of us, things that bloomed during the winter died in the Spring. And lots of our flowering bushes never had flowers at all during the summer. I’m hoping that this year will be different.

Get outside, feel the crisp cold air and the smell of the pine trees — and the fun it is to come back inside to a hot cup of cocoa! Hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows!Enjoy the winter! It’s a wonderful time of year.

Preview info for Interbike 2016

We’re getting all our promotional materials together starting now! Our newest helmet cover which sports an LED rechargeable/solar belt will be a new innovation for us.

This ultra-light and super-thin spandex cover comes in either black or silver with a “coordinating” LED belt. We’ll be showing Kiwi Green for the black cover, Fire-engine Red for the silver cover. The covers stretch to fit all standard bike helmets. Hold your helmet to the light when the cover is on,  and you can actually see through it. The silver cover is a metallic material which is bright and shiny – adding to its visibility.

Because all bike riders want to be safe no matter what the conditions – no matter what time of day – at dawn and at dusk – in good weather and in bad – during rain, fog, white-out snow storms, and periods of flat light …

… these LED helmet covers are the perfect accessory to make all riders more visible and more safe!

Newest doings with crazeeHeads

Yes, I admit, it has been a long time since I last wrote. Hardly anyone reads my blog anyway except for the “spammers” who want me to either use their “tools” or link back to their websites. Yikes. Well, it’s a way for them to earn a living I suppose.

Since last July when we went to Ragbrai in Iowa, we attended Interbike 15 in Las Vegas (September), SIA Snow Show 16 in Denver (January), and The New York Toy Fair 16 in, of course, New York City. That’s really not a lot of shows for the average company, but since it is primarily me, and my hubby handling everything (and occasionally my sister) we can’t pick up and go everywhere we’d like to because SOMEONE has to be around handling orders that come in etc etc!

The show that really knocked our socks off was the NY Toy Fair. We met a lot of people (it was super busy!!) and made some valuable contacts. We met with people from all parts of the globe — Canada, Australia, as well as Walmart from here in the USA.  Whether we actually get to do business with Walmart.com, I will know by next week. They are in direct competition with Amazon (who I don’t trust, sorry to say) and hopefully it will open a new door for us online.

Till next time, stay safe! Play safe and wear a helmet.


It’s almost Labor Day!

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a busy summer and hope you all have as well.

July in particular was amazing. We journeyed to Iowa. Specifically Sioux City Iowa for the start of Ragbrai. Ragbrai actually stands for  The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

There had to have been close to 25,000 participants. And boy, was it hot! Got to give a lot of credit to all those bicycle riders out there! You could have fried an egg on the pavement on Saturday afternoon!2015-07-18 09.44.45In spite of the heat, we had a good time– you’ve heard about “never eat yellow snow”? well, I didn’t have a choice– unless it was between mango and pineapple…

2015-07-18 19.43.16and really tasty!

We unveiled our brand new unicorn helmet cover named Sparky (for the way the main body of the cover sparkled in sunlight) the Unicorn. It was a big hit among … now, I guess you expect me to say little girls … but nope, it was a hit among MEN! That’s how crazy some people were at this event.

2015-07-18 19.41.37

People really dressed up for the event. And some even dressed up their bicycles. We saw a few people wearing ducks on their heads… quite interesting. I wish I took a picture of one of those helmets. You’d be amazed!

All in all, it was a good time. It was very very far away from home though– a two and a half day drive for us. But you never know. You might see us there again next year!

In the meantime, we’re getting ready for the Interbike International Bicycle Expo. That’s in mid September. Check us out at booth 4149 if you’re in Las Vegas!

Till later, alligator.


Beautiful Day in NYC


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.10.08 PMAs most everyone here on the east coast know, we’ve been having some really cold weather. In fact, it’s been at zero or close to it these past few mornings. Those who live in the Boston area, are finding themselves surrounded by 9 ft. high piles of snow– and kids are jumping out of their windows to play in the snow banks! When was the last time anyone here in this part of the country saw these kinds of weather events? Not since the blizzard of 1888 when NY was subjected to immense snowfalls has something like this happened.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.13.44 PMAnyway! Since I am planning a trip overseas in mid-March, I needed to get a new visa in order to visit China. We closed up shop this morning and drove to NY only to find that the Chinese Embassy was closed today (Wed.) through the weekend and will reopen (I hope) on Monday. Well, since we were already in the city, we decided to take a trip down to China town to have lunch where we visited an old standby: 456 on Mott Street.

Place was crowded as usual with the lunchtime crowd. Had wonderful Shanghai style soup dumplings, then headed back home to Long Island.

Roads were BUSY!! Lots of traffic. Slow going, so we sorta sight-seed along the roadway– where there was plenty of inventive graffitti to look at — and interesting signs….. who knew? Here’s one that caught my eye…

IMG_0062what the ??

But that’s New York for ya.

And yes, we DO eat “real food”.

Heard there’s more snow on the way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it just hits the ski areas this time!

Till then– Happy President’s Day week!

2015 SIA SnowShow in Denver

We’re back home finally! It was tough trying to leave for the show due to the airports being closed when we were supposed to leave, and tough to get home due to more snow, and the airlines rebooking flights. Leaving your home at 4am to catch a 6am flight is brutal!

But we survived!

The Denver show was very interesting. My cousin Sara flew up from Florida to help us man the booth.  She was a welcome addition.
Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.31.41 PMLaughing eyes, and a bright smile for everyone, Sara cruised the aisles wearing our Viking helmet cover as our “hospitality hostess”. Hardly anyone could say “no” to her, so she brought lots of visitors
to our booth.

We showed three new covers for preseason orders: Stretch
the Purple Giraffe, Sparky the Unicorn, and Angel, the
plush Unicorn. Sparky and Stretch are new additions to our stretcheeHeads spandex line.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.17.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.28.51 PMUnfortunately, we don’t have a picture of Angel to show, but Angel will join the rest of the plush animals, and we’re sure will become a favorite among snowsports enthusiasts! Sparky on the other hand, will show up all year round no doubt. You’ll have to keep an eye out for him in your neighborhood.

That’s all for now.

Think SNOW!

2014 SIA Summer Snowdown in New York City

New York City, here we come! On July 16th, there will be a summer snow storm on 38th Street! There will be a small group of exhibitors showing off their latest products, trends and fashions for a variety of media who will attend.

As for us here at crazeeHeads, we’ve been busy working up new designs and think we have two winners to show everyone at the Summer Snowdown on July 16th (on 38th Street). Over the past few years we have received multiple requests from retailers and customers alike for a unicorn helmet cover.  The animals will be a purple spandex giraffe and a white plush unicorn (with a sparkly horn). Right now they are only in the prototype stages of development so we can’t show them off to you. While this may sound odd, we have had our share of concepts stolen, so until we actually produce them, these designs will remain under wraps.

Everyone knows that unicorns are magical creatures, so hold on to your hats (or helmets)! Don’t be surprised if our unicorn will be the most popular of our crazeeHeads’ covers to date. (Move over Zippy and ZeeZee!) If you like unicorns, you will find ours to be the prettiest one around.

We don’t have are names definitively chosen for our newest additions.
If anyone can help us out with suggestions, we’d love to hear!
Email us at: customerservice@crazeeheads.com.

‘Till next time!


Spring is right around the corner…..

Hi everyone!

Spring is either her, or about to be here! I was excited about seeing things starting to blossom because it was so beautiful over the weekend…. but now they are predicting snow tonight. March is supposed to roar in like a lion and go our like a lamb, but apparently mother nature has something else in her mind! Well, as you all know, SNOW is my “middle” name. Winter is my favorite time of year.

Just trolling around the internet and I fell across this fabulous article. Lindsey Vonn (one of my all-time favorite skiers!) has started this program for girls ages 7 – 14 up at Beaver Creek. No more than 4 girls in a class. Now THAT is cool. I hate those classes that have 10 people in a class. Even if they have more than one instructor with you, you just never feel like you are getting enough out of the class. Here, not only is it a class for GIRLS! but it is being taught by females too virtually ALL DAY LONG — helping to develop team spirit and all that other good stuff that girls understand. Now that is pretty darn good. Check it out here: Ski Girls Rock! Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.25.40 PM

Let’s get outside and play in the snow a little bit longer!

Let it snow, let it snow!


2014 Children’s Club Results

Well, the results are in– and I don’t think we’ll be doing the ENK Children’s Club Show again.


We met some really nice people like Rosie (see http://celegritykids.com) who has dreamed up these wonderful leggings with ruffled toppers for children! Makes me want to be a child again I tell you! Our two little grand-nieces will be wearing two of Rosie’s creations shortly, “Pretty in Pastel”and “Savvy Stripes”

Our “next door neighbor” was Pam who is the creator of The Pamela Store (see her being interviewed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qkmBAf2KM4) She makes fun and frivolous tutus, “magic wands”, headbands and wings. Lovely and charming things. Too bad that she doesn’t have an active website– otherwise I would direct you to it.

However, overall, for us, the show was a bit surprising. Barely anyone cared to stop in and say hello to Zee Zee the Panda or Kookie the Koala. Our furry friends were lonesome and sad. On the other hand, our founder, and chief designer Margaret was also interviewed by Celebrity Baby Trends. See her at the Celebrity Baby Trends Media Lounge. Doesn’t Margaret look “darling” in her Viking helmet cover? 🙂 Her two interviewers are actually more beautiful in person if you can believe that! Tall, blonde and gorgeous.

Anyway. We made some friends, but the show was nothing to write home about. Since so many of our best customers are child-centric retailers, it was an unexpected outcome for the trade show. We did get to wander about in New York City at night so that was a lot of fun.

Please check out Rosie’s store. Her leggings are FAB-U-LOUS!

103 Panda side 2


Children’s Club in New York City

Hi everybody!

Today we are going in to the city to start setting up for our first adventure with the ENK Children’s Club. We’re super excited to be showing our helmet covers in this new arena!

A few years ago, we walked the show that they had in New York City, but were uncertain if it would be good for us. So we paid a visit again, this past January and decided to take a chance. This show will have exhibitors from around the globe and will be directed towards winter styles for children. We hope that we will be a good fit with everyone else who is there.

It is being held at the Javitz Center- which is HUGE!! Frankly I’m a little nervous. I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle! Not that crazeeHeads will be lost, I mean ME! I don’t know my way around the Center and I’m afraid that I will lose my way if I try to leave our booth for lunch!

Anyway, if you get a chance, stop on by. Our booth is #8960 and we’d love to say HELLO to you!


crazee is as crazee Does